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This was fun

I am not a leader, I am a first supporter. So instead of playing by the rules, I have decided to play by Niklas Göke’s and instead of listing out 40 things I love, I grabbed a torch and listed out 40 things I love about myself.

This is for the simple fact that it seems like a healthy exercise and also his list of 40 things he loved about himself made me smile.

Plus learning about what other people love takes all the fun of getting to know them.

So here goes —

  1. I love that I am becoming patient: Two years ago my little man Liam spilled his cereal and I lost it. The look on his face woke me.
  2. I love that I am empathetic: Taking the time to figure out what other people both want and need I have learned is the only game really worth playing and I love that I am good at it.
  3. I love that my baseline is giving: If someone can do a better job with one of my ideas, it’s theirs. I don’t care who builds it, I just want to see cool shit. I believe quality opportunities come from quality relationships and this can’t happen if you keep score.
  4. I love that I made my weaknesses my strengths: I get paid to help people communicate and I stutter. I get paid to write and I have a learning disability. I get paid to focus and I have ADHD. I get paid to see what others can’t and I have 200/20 vision. If you tell me I am bad at something in 12 months other people will find enough value in it to pay me for it.
  5. I love that I have become a people person: I didn’t say much until I was about 7. I was terrified of people and the stutter mentioned above didn’t help. However, I love stories and when I am not reading or day-dreaming, I like getting them out of other people.
  6. I love that I am a good father: My kids and I have fun.
  7. I love that I stutter: This is a big one. I used to curse it. But now it is my superpower. It forces me to get creative and bring to the table something that makes it irrelevant. Plus I love surprising people.
  8. I love that I am curious: I truly believe that if you are consistently putting yourself in a position to learn, the rest takes care of itself.
  9. I love that I give compliments without thinking: Maybe this is because I had a lot of insecurities growing up, but I think compliments can change the world. Imagine you were 19 and wrote something and someone twice you age said something nice to you. When it comes to power moves, I run, but not from that one.
  10. I love that I say yes and figure out how to do it later: Growing up I was terrified of taking risks. Fast forward to today and I have travelled all over the world, much of it alone, and funded these travels doing things I had no idea I was capable of doing. Confidence is made.
  11. I love that I see things differently: At least once a week someone tells me, “I never thought of it that way,” and I get high. I was not always like that, but forcing myself to learn about the opposite of what I am has hands down been the best investment I have ever made.
  12. I love that I get excited about change: My favorite word is “new.” I like seeing new places, meeting new people and doing new things. As a new father I was worried this would be a problem as I would be a lot more landlocked. However, getting to see my kids experience things for the first time has brought an incredible amount of joy into my life.
  13. I love that I have horrible vision: If I take my glasses off, I can’t see. I like that feeling.
  14. I love that I have a horrible memory: Not sure if this was due to the recreational, and at times, not so recreational drug and alcohol use in the past, but I can watch the same movie I just watched a few weeks earlier and still jump at a scary part, cry at a sad one and laugh at a funny one. Jokes don’t get old to me and I like that.
  15. I love that I am colorblind (not literally): I don’t see people as different. In fact, the more different they are the more I like them.
  16. I love that I turn most things into a game: I don’t just pick my kids up from school, I rock up on my 4 year olds push scooter (the word is escaping me and I on too much of a roll to get off — but in Catalan it’s patinet) and give everyone I pass the peace sign.
  17. I love that I am questioning: I generally run from small talk and tend to ask a question that is five move ahead. That was a bad thing when I was younger, but as I get older, I think people appreciate it.
  18. I love that I ask for feedback: I want to get better and whenever I start something new I do not shy away from surrounding myself with the best people I can who are wiling to give it to me straight.
  19. I love my eyelashes: Growing up I looked a lot like Ralphie from “The Christmas Story.” If in addition to the coke bottle glasses, blonde hair and green eyes, Ralphie also had acme. However, when the acme ran its course and I discovered contact lenses, girls discovered me. It wasn’t that I was good looking, but I changed and like I said, change is good.
  20. I love that my eyes change colors: See point above.
  21. I love that I root for the underdog: I want people to do well. Horrible for interviewing people, but good for making friends.
  22. I love that I’m good talking to strangers: Recently I wrote an article and got a little bit heat for it. However, maybe it is because I look innocent, and I genuinely like people, but I have never had a bad conversation with a stranger. I get it that not everyone wants to talk, but I don’t want to live in a world where it is frowned upon.
  23. I love that I am good at giving gifts: Some Sundays I literally think to myself how can I do something outrageous for someone and then go ahead and do it. Some of the gifts I have given to my wife have been insane. I once made a website and each week up until the birth of our first son I wrote a story about what she means to me and the day my first son was born I gave it to her. I love that I did that and I love that my wife has done similar things for me that I know were not easy.
  24. I love that I am in shape: I can keep up with my kids and this is important.
  25. I love that I write: I love that I can sit down and make someone half a world away feel or think something that motivates them to start a conversation with me or better yet make a change.
  26. I love that I am a dreamer: I have a big imagination and I have a lot of ideas. I used to think some were crazy, but I am slowly realising that I was the person who was keeping them small.
  27. I love that I am not afraid to speak up: The first day of college after I saw someone being picked on I followed the bully to his room and threw him against the wall and told him to never look in the direction of that kid again. He was twice my size, but he listened. I love that I did and I need to do that more.
  28. I love that I am athletic: I can jump into a pick-up game of just about any sport and do well. I am not the fastest, but I have eyes in the back of my head and a knack for finding and making space. Plus I if you give me three chances odds are high I can make a full length basket by kicking a soccer ball.
  29. I love that ping pong comes naturally to me: My hand eye coordination is not bad either. Plus ping-pong is great for making new friends and I love that in Spain tables are everywhere. In addition to a book and music, my paddle comes with me everywhere I go.
  30. I love that I don’t need much: Compared to 10 years ago I live a very simple life and hope I continue to do so. If I don’t, I know something needs to change, and that something will probably be me.
  31. I love that I embrace boredom: To steal another line from Nik, “I am an aspiring extrovert,” but I love that I do not need other people around to keep myself entertained and generally have fun with my thoughts.
  32. I love that I trust people: This has wiped me out mentally, emotionally and financially a few times, but I refuse to stop doing it and I am very proud of that.
  33. I love that connecting people comes easy to me: Recently a bunch of people have told me that connecting people is my gift and I liked that. I want other people to enjoy each other and I am glad that I do not think twice when I think someone could benefit from an introduction.
  34. I love that I can survive anywhere with nothing but my wits: I‘m not book-smart, but I am street-smart and this has served me well time and time again.
  35. I love that I remember details that others don’t: This was not my baseline growing up, but forcing myself to really pay attention to what make other people smile is so worth it.
  36. I love that today I run for fun: Growing up, I hated running. But recently I have found great pleasure in learning how to like things I once hated. This year I am going to do more of that — do things I used to hate.
  37. I love my sarcasm: Most people do not think I am funny at all. Others think everything I say is funny. When I tell jokes my expression or tone rarely changes and nine times out of ten when someone thinks I am serious, I’m not.
  38. I love that I am open: My life is an open book and though some people think I should keep some things to myself, I truly believe the world would be a better place if we all opened up some.
  39. I love I’m a person someone like my wife would love: My wife is the best judge of character I know and I am very proud that she thinks I am a good person.
  40. I love that this exercise was easy for me: When I started this challenge, I thought it would be exactly that — a challenge. But it wasn’t. It took me 15 minutes to knock out the list and another hour to fill it in. Two years ago that would have not been the case.

Big thanks to Nik for turning me onto this exercise. It felt good and I bet you would think the same if you continued the trend and did the same.

Since this is about nominations — John Mashni and Christopher D. Connors I’d love to see your list of things you love about yourself as well.

Over and out for now and have a great day.

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