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1. Instead of making a list of people who inspire you, make a list of people you want to inspire:

Your life is not measured by how many people you are grateful for, but how many people are grateful for you. Sure it is important to surround ourselves with people who lift us up, but this becomes a lot easier if you first do the heavy lifting.

2. Instead of scrolling on Instagram, head over to Linkedin and reach out to someone who you admire:

Never has it been easier to get caught up in the numbers game, but never under-estimate the power of the number “one.”

Warren Buffett attributes his success to three things: being born in the US, good genes and compound interest. Although he may have been speaking in financial terms at the time, the same goes for our relationships. It is amazing how powerful one conversation can be. It is amazing how powerful one new mentor can be. It is amazing how powerful one new friend can be.

If every week you have on your to-do list, speak with one new person about their career path, in just a few months you will witness the strength of compound interest in action.

3. Instead of taking your phone everywhere, take a notebook:

Do a quick google search of people who are, or were known for, carrying around a notebook to either journal in or scribble notes. If this list does not motivate you to start tracking your thoughts, fears, ideas and patterns, I do not know what will.

4. Instead of watching the news everyday, ask smart people what is happening in the world:

Identify a handful of people in your life that are well tuned in to what is going on, from both sides of the fence, and every time you see them, ask them for an update. This will save you loads of time and even more frustration.

5. Instead of asking people what they are watching, ask them what they are reading:

The best problem solvers, the best problem avoiders and the people with the most ideas are not any smarter than you. They just pick up a book instead of a remote.

6. Instead of leaving your computer in your line of sight, lock it up at night:

Your problems need time to breathe. Your ideas need time to breathe. You need time to breathe.

Steal a line from Benjamin P. Hardy, and instead of bringing your work home with you, lock your computer up in the trunk of your car when you come home. Your work is not the only thing that demands 100% of your attention.

You may just find that all of those emergencies you absolutely could not wait to address, look a lot smaller in the morning.

7. Instead of complaining, ask everyone you come into contact with for their best piece of advice:

The best way to ensure that both you, and the people you speak with, do not go down the toxic conversation route, is by not giving them the chance to be negative and complain in the first place.

Ask people for their best piece of advice. Ask them who passed it down to them and the circumstances. Ask them how it helped them to navigate a slippery slope.

Every conversation is a chance to learn, and the people that embrace this, win.

8. Instead of putting cookies on the counter, put fruit in your line of sight.

Kind of a no-brainer, but if you take care of yourself, the rest will take care of itself.

9. Instead of picking up the phone first thing in the morning, kiss your partner and compliment them:

The mornings I follow my own advice and hug my wife and tell her she is beautiful, not only is my coffee ready when I get out of the shower, she is in a much better mood going forward and so am I. It is true what they say — By giving to others, you also give to yourself,” and there is no better time to do this than first thing.

BTW: Why is human contact not at the top of every morning routine list?

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