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My Story

Hi, my name’s Michael Thompson and I’m a small-town Catalunya-based career coach, communication strategist, and writer whose work has been featured in dozens of mainstream publications like Business Insider, Fast Company, and Forbes.

More importantly, together with my wife, we’re the co-creators of two cool little boys.

Over the span of my career, I’ve worked in seven different sectors across three continents. If you had told me when I was a kid that my work as an entrepreneur and now coach in primarily communication-based roles would take me all over the globe, I wouldn’t have liked you very much.

I grew up with social anxiety and a severe speech impediment and I had a very limited view of what I was capable of accomplishing.

At the age of 23, however, that began to change. In order to get over my fear of other humans and raise my confidence, I did the thing that scared me the most: I took a sales job.

‍At first, I took the job thinking the short-term pain of looking like a fool would help me to feel like less of one in the long run. But something funny happened the more I stuck with it: I got better. By the end of my first calendar year, I was leading my team in sales before being promoted to the management team where I was responsible for training all new hires.

Some people focus on their strengths to live the life they want.

I didn’t.

I choose the opposite.

By focusing on building up my weaknesses and doing the work that hurt, over time, I uncovered strengths that I didn’t even know I had like being an attentive listener, being empathetic, and having a strong desire to help other people win. ‍

I’ve learned a lot over the span of my career.

I’ve learned that one conversation, one chance encounter, or one new friend has the power to change our stars – but you have to be willing to put ourselves out into the world for this change to take place.

I’ve also learned that having a career you love is a privilege – not a right – and constantly learning new skills and facing new challenges are the only constants in creating a career that brings you home smiling each night.

Most importantly, I’ve learned that money doesn’t provide security, our friends and family do. From my experience, a productivity hack doesn’t exist that’s more effective than being persistently generous and having strong relationships. ‍

I feel very fortunate that I get to work with people like yourself every day who understand that no one is coming to save you and everything worth having comes with a fight.

If you’re interested in learning more about the work that I do feel free to visit here or read through the testimonials of the experiences and results I’ve helped my clients achieve here.

What I’m working on right now:


If you’re on Medium, I’ve just launched a publication called “SIMPLE” for busy professionals to live better with two of my favorite creators online today - writer and thinker extraordinaire Niklas Goeke and blogger and psychologist Nick Wignall. If you’re on Medium and prefer “soft-help” articles over traditional “self-help” ones, we’d love for you to follow along.

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Two Dudes and a Poem (launching soon)

I hate poetry. My friend, mindfulness expert, Justin Caffrey loves it. This is a very lightweight, 15-minute podcast where Justin plays teacher and me the student as we explore classic poems to better navigate modern life.

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