What I'm Working On Today


If you’re on Medium, I’ve just launched a publication called “SIMPLE” for busy professionals to live better with two of my favorite creators online today - writer and thinker extraordinaire Niklas Goeke and blogger and psychologist Nick Wignall. If you’re on Medium and prefer “soft-help” articles over traditional “self-help” ones, we’d love for you to follow along.

Write Your Future

Geared towards people who want to improve their writing skills and grow their online presence consisting of a weekly newsletter with 3 of the fastest newbies to the online writing space, Amardeep Parmar, Zulie Rane, and Sinem Gunel. Feel free to check us out if you’re looking to advance your career by becoming a thought leader in your space.

Two Dudes and a Poem (launching soon)

I hate poetry. My friend, mindfulness expert, Justin Caffrey loves it. This is a very lightweight, 15-minute podcast where Justin plays teacher and me the student as we explore classic poems to better navigate modern life.

That’s it for now and if you’re interested in following along, sign-up for my newsletter “Simple Is the New Cool” and don’t hesitate to reach out to say hello in any of the social media links below (PS - Linkedin is the best place to connect.

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