From assisting entrepreneurs and business executives to establish themselves as thought leaders to helping recent grads add weight to their message, over the last 8 years, I’ve worked with hundreds of people to build their confidence, influence, and audience through tightened communication.

Below are a handful of testimonials from my present and past clients to get a better idea of the work I do.

If you have any questions for them, feel free to reach out to any or all of them as they’d be happy to talk to you about what I helped them achieve.

As a 30+ year business owner, we’ve found Michael to be one of the most valuable and insightful consultants we’ve worked with before. He has an incredible knack for identifying, clarifying, and synthesizing our complex—and often overwrought—ideas into the most salient, digestible points. No matter what kind of assignment we throw at him, he knows how to find the kernels of truth and wisdom and helps us sharpen them to a fine point.

Kevin Ervin Kelley

Co-owner of Shook Kelley and former marketing, branding, and design teacher at Harvard University
“As a career pro in recognizing great talent, it dawned on me when getting to know Michael I’d just stumbled upon someone uniquely gifted - a writer’s writer - someone who sees the stories in others and has a gift for coaxing their stories into existence. He’s helped my storytelling to take shape and his insistence upon simplicity and distilling the broad and complex reminds me of my Apple days.”

Denise Smith Young

Former Head of HR at Apple and current executive-in-residence at Cornell Tech

Mike is a creative genius whose writing is second to none in capturing the beauty of everyday life moments. I read him weekly, and have had the pleasure of collaborating on several projects. Mike is every bit as inspiring a human as he is a writer.

Marina Glazman

2x founder, CEO of Suitely, and LA Chair for Wharton Alumnae Founders & Funders Association

Being simple, kind, and right is a hard thing to maintain. Michael lives, writes, and works all three. I straight-up love this guy.

Fred Dust

Founder of Making Conversation LLC, former Global Managing Partner of IDEO, design advisor for the Rockefeller Foundation, and recognized by Fast Company as one of the most innovative people in the world..

After over a year of job hunting, I’d hit rock bottom and had little hope of finding a new job, let alone my dream job. That all changed, however, when I reached out to Michael as from our first conversation, he made me feel comfortable, confident, and optimistic.

I appreciated how candid Michael was of what I needed to do to take my resume, interview skills, and networking abilities to the next level. Our weekly calls gave me direction about how I needed to enhance my personal brand and presentation, but most importantly, our conversations instilled confidence in me. He made me see the value of showing my personality and not being afraid to be me. That made all the difference.

Suddenly I went from crickets to getting calls from hiring managers and interviews every week. He guided me every step of the way. He is responsive and a consummate professional.

I believe in life that there are a handful of people who shape your success. For me, Michael is one of those people.

Kristina Howard

Managing Director of Tusk Ventures

Michael is one of the best storytellers on Medium. I particularly admire how he is able to capture everyday moments and turn them into heartwarming life lessons. I went to Michael for coaching, and he really helped take my storytelling skills to the next level.

Michael Simmons

Award-winning social entrepreneur and Founder of "Learning How To Learn Group" (world's largest and most active online community for learning how to learn)

I worked with Michael when I was looking to change my career and he helped me a great deal in not only my interview and presentation skills, but also in having a better idea of what type of job I would enjoy. Michael truly believes that anything is possible if you work hard and keep learning and his energy is very inspiring. I have recommended numerous friends from my MBA program at ESADE to Michael and all of them were very happy working with him.

Sylvia Jimenez

Therapeutical Area Manager / Gebro Pharma

I found Mike through one of his articles – his message really spoke to me and I decided to reach out to him. As a “solopreneur,” I was at a point in my business where I needed a trusted confidant to help me gain perspective on some important decisions. Mike provided that perspective to me in a wise and compassionate manner. More importantly, Mike became a good friend and I continue to enjoy his insights to this day!

Jack Calhoun

Managing Principal at NGT Enterprises, LLC / Former Managing Principal of Capital Directions, LLC

I worked with Michael leading a coaching and creative mastermind group together and learned so much from him about building relationships and leading and engaging others. It’s insane how he connects with people and gets attention from the big guys in the industry. In the beginning, I always kept thinking: How the fck does he do that?! How does he know THAT guy?! But then I got the chance to learn from him and it has been invaluable for my business and my personal life. If you are looking to build the right relationships to create more of the right opportunities, I can only highly recommend working with Michael.*

Liz Huber

High-Performance & Productivity Coach / 500 Startups Mentor / Founder & CEO of Refined Life

Every week I have to present my company’s projects to clients and Michael really helped me improve my confidence in this area along with my sales and negotiation skills. Michael brings a lot of energy and creativity to his work. It is very clear that Michael cares deeply about his clients and it really shows in his work and dedication.

Ricard Trenchs

Owner of Tarruella Trenchs Studio / AD Best Interior Designer in Spain

Michael immediately identified the areas of my communication in which I needed to improve upon and worked with me to achieve my goals in a very short amount of time. Shortly after working with Michael, I was accepted into the Kellogg School of Management and since then I have been working in various cities around the world. Michael is very goal-oriented, while at the same time very easy to work with.

Anna Robles

Project Manager / Henry Schein

Mike is a phenomenal connector and an excellent communicator, not to mention his creativity in terms of thinking outside the box. But his greatest gift, is an ability to take other people’s perspective, and intuitively zone in on other people’s needs. More than anything else however, Mike cares about people, and is not worried to put himself out there when it’s for someone else’s benefit. I have personally seen him do this on many occasions. If I needed someone my corner, and I couldn’t pick family, the first person I’d go to would be Mike.

Brian Pennie

Writer, Speaker, PhD Candidate & Lecturer in the Neuroscience of Mindfulness & Addiction

Michael was referred to me and my business partner by a family member who highly recommended him. Michael has helped raise my confidence in sales, going as far as accompanying me to business meetings to meet with new clients. I have referred Michael in the past and will not hesitate to do so in the future.

Pere Valero

Founder and Co-owner of Datacom Global (Cisco Partner)

“I was so impressed with a seminar Michael gave at my office I decided to marry and start a family with him.”

Laia Andreu Vila

Presidency Department - Generalitat de Catalunya, formerly at Larousse and Yahoo!

The best thing about Michael is that he wants the people around him to succeed and he is very motivating in encouraging people to go after their goals. I was referred to Michael upon graduating from university and he helped me to identify my strengths, how to properly communicate my ideas and how to talk about myself. Shortly thereafter I was hired in a Sales Management position with a multi-national company and I cannot be happier with where I am in my career.

Jordi Riutord Casajuana

Ecommerce Logistic Manager / LIDL Supermarkets

During my MBA program at ESADE I was referred by a fellow student to work with Michael to improve my communication skills in order to be accepted into a program in Australia. In the short time I worked with Michael he helped me to accomplish my goals and greatly raised my confidence. I cannot recommend working with Michael enough as a Coach.

Cristina Escapa González

External Engineer / SEAT

A mutual friend recommended me working with Michael in order to present my company. We connected immediately and besides being very creative, he is great with dealing with people and building new relationships. I have learned a great deal by working with Michael so much so that I brought him in to grow the business with me.

Albert Moreno

Founder – Corpore Wear / Managing Director – Biotap

A colleague recommended reaching out to Michael to improve my communication skills in regards to presentations, negotiations and being more vocal in meetings. I am now better at creating meaningful relationships and my confidence has grown significantly by working with him. Michael and I are close friends now and despite no longer working together we remain in constant contact.

Jordi Fabregat

Insolvency Manager / La Caixa

Michael is someone I’ve turned to for coaching and communications guidance throughout this year. It’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Michael has played an instrumental role in helping me shape my coaching brand, outreach and overall coaching strategy. He’s a great listener and strategic mind. I’ve received more great ideas from Michael in the past six months than I’ve known what to do with! He’s encouraging, sharp and tailors his communications strategy to your individual needs. Take the time for an introductory call and I think you’ll realize very quickly that you’re working with someone special who knows how to craft a vision for you and your business.

Christopher D. Connors

Authentic Leadership Coach / Bestselling Author / Speaker / work feat. in CNBC, Virgin etc.

Michael is one of the rare people who knows the truth about how to succeed and also knows how to share that truth with other people. He is smart but also brutally honest, which is exactly the kind of person you need in your corner. He taught me one of the best lessons that I’ve learned: sometimes you just need to impress the right people to succeed when you make your next leap.

John Mashni

Attorney at Foster, Swift, Collins & Smith, P.C

Michael is a fantastic coach, mentor, and friend, who pushes thoughts and ideas multiple steps further than most ever would. He gets you to think, and that is the most important gift one can give to another. I have seen Michael do this personally, and I have also seen him do this in a group setting as a facilitator. It is a pleasure working with, getting to know, and being a part of Michael’s team.

Jordan Gross

Leadership Coach and author of Getting Comfy

Mike gives without expecting anything in return. I lead with that because so few people are ACTUALLY like that online. His tenacity to meet new people, ask questions, and face his fears is very admirable, but his best trait is how great he is at tending to relationships. I’ve been on about 7 or 8 phone calls with Michael and I’ve always felt his main goal was to help ME, not himself. He is quite frankly a big mentor to me from a content creation standpoint, but he’s also the best leader and relationship-builder I’ve ever seen on the internet.

It seems like the guy knows every big player out there, but more importantly, it seems that everyone loves HIM, too.

Tom Kuegler

Vlogger and Blogger / Finding Tom

“I was referred to Michael to help tighten my interview skills and shortly after working with him I landed a job in Hong Kong. I’ve referred Michael to numerous pilots and will continue to do so in the future. He knows his stuff and is super easy to work with.”

Tomas Millet

Line Training Captain at easyJet

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