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Being simple, kind, and right is a hard thing to maintain. Michael lives, writes, and works all three. I straight-up love this guy.

As a 30+ year business owner, we’ve found Michael to be one of the most valuable and insightful consultants we’ve worked with before. He has an incredible knack for identifying, clarifying, and synthesizing our complex—and often overwrought—ideas into the most salient, digestible points. He knows how to find the kernels of truth and wisdom and helps us sharpen them to a fine point.

As a career pro in recognizing great talent, it dawned on me when getting to know Michael I'd just stumbled upon someone uniquely gifted - a writer's writer - someone who sees the stories in others and has a gift for coaxing their stories into existence. He's helped my storytelling to take shape and his insistence upon simplicity and distilling the broad and complex reminds me of my Apple days.

Fred Dust

Author of "Making Conversation", former Global Managing Partner of IDEO
and design advisor for the Rockefeller Foundation

Kevin Ervin Kelley

Co-owner of Shook Kelley and former marketing, branding, and design teacher at Harvard University

Denise Young

Former Head of HR at Apple and current executive-in-residence at Cornell Tech
Over the last five years, I’ve written one article a week and I’m proud of all of them. The four below, however, are my personal favorite and they’ll give you a good idea of my operating principles, story, and what I stand for.
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