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I worked with Michael when I was looking to change my career and he helped me a great deal in not only my interview and presentation skills, but also in having a better idea of what type of job I would enjoy. Michael truly believes that anything is possible if you work hard and keep learning and his energy is very inspiring. I have recommended numerous friends from my MBA program at ESADE to Michael and all of them were very happy working with him.

After a year of job hunting, I reached out to Michael for guidance. Suddenly I went from crickets to getting calls every week. I believe in life that there are a handful of people who shape your success. For me, Michael is one of those people.

Being simple, kind, and right is a hard thing to maintain. Michael lives, writes, and works all three. I straight-up love this guy.

Sylvia Jimenez

Therapeutical Area Manager, Gebro Pharma

Kristina Howard

Managing Director, Tusk Ventures

Fred Dust

Author of "Making Conversation", former Global Managing Partner of IDEO
and design advisor for the Rockefeller Foundation.
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