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Hi, I’m Mike Thompson and I help entrepreneurs and business professionals to not only create more opportunities, but receive greater satisfaction from their work. My work regarding all things career advice, leadership and communication has appeared in places like Fast Co., INC, Forbes and Crunchbase.

I write in order to meet people so please do not hesitate to reach out and say hello.


As a career coach I have worked with over 150 entrepreneurs and business professionals via 1 on 1 coaching sessions to improve their professional opportunities and personal lives. Feel free to read over the details of the services I offer as well as the experiences of past clients to see if what I do fits with what you are looking to accomplish.



A productivity hack doesn’t exist that’s more effective than having strong relationships. In these sessions we will work together to build these win-win relationships in order to create more quality opportunities.


My signature coaching sessions are all about reaching your goals. We will work together to identify the right small steps that are necessary in order for you to reach your next big career step.


Designed for both the seasoned entrepreneur and those just beginning their journey.  We will work together to better navigate change, deal with uncertainty and make more effective decisions.

Rafael Sarandeses

Headhunter / Director & Practice Lead, Financial Services at Talengo / Executive Coach / Assoc. Prof. IE Business School

Michael is one of the most empathic people I have worked with. He truly seeks to understand the needs of others and time and time again has gone above and beyond to help other people reach their goals. He is a talented coach for individuals and organisations and by working with Mike you will always have a trusted friend in your corner.

Liz Huber

High-Performance & Productivity Coach / 500 Startups Mentor / Founder & CEO of Refined Life
I worked with Michael leading a coaching and creative mastermind group together and learned so much from him about building relationships and leading and engaging others. It’s insane how he connects with people and gets attention from the big guys in the industry. In the beginning, I always kept thinking: How the f*ck does he do that?! How does he know THAT guy?! But then I got the chance to learn from him and it has been invaluable for my business and my personal life. If you are looking to build the right relationships to create more of the right opportunities, I can only highly recommend working with Michael.

Ricard Trenchs

Co-owner of Tarruella Trenchs Studio / Winner of AD Best Interior Designers in Spain 2015

Every week I have to present my company´s projects to clients and Michael really helped me improve my confidence in this area along with my sales and negotiation skills. Michael brings a lot of energy and creativity to his work. It is very clear that Michael cares deeply about his clients and it really shows in his work and dedication.

Sylvia Jimenez

Therapeutical Area Manager / Gebro Pharma

I worked with Michael when I was looking to change my career and he helped me a great deal in not only my interview and presentation skills, but also in having a better idea of what type of job I would enjoy. Michael truly believes that anything is possible if you work hard and keep learning and his energy is very inspiring. I have recommended numerous friends from my MBA program at ESADE to Michael and all of them were very happy working with him.

Albert Moreno

Founder of Corpore Wear / Managing Director of Biotap

A mutual friend recommended me working with Michael in order to present my company in English. We connected immediately and soon after I asked Michael to partner with me to grow Corpore Wear into English speaking countries. Besides being very creative, he is great with dealing with people and building new relationships. I have learned a great deal by working with Michael.

Cristina Escapa González

External Engineer / SEAT

During my MBA program at ESADE I was referred by a fellow student to work with Michael to improve my communication skills in order to be accepted into a program in Australia. In the short time I worked with Michael he helped me to accomplish my goals and greatly raised my confidence. I cannot recommend working with Michael enough as a Coach.

Jordi Riutord Casajuana

Ecommerce Logistic Manager / LIDL Supermarkets

The best thing about Michael is that he wants the people around him to succeed and he is very motivating in encouraging people to go after their goals. I was referred to Michael upon graduating from university and he helped me to identify my strengths, how to properly communicate my ideas and how to talk about myself. Shortly thereafter I was hired in a Sales Management position with a multi-national company and I cannot be happier with where I am in my career.

Anna Robles

Project Manager / Henry Schein

Michael immediately identified the areas of my communication in which I needed to improve upon and worked with me to achieve my goals in a very short amount of time. Shortly after working with Michael I was accepted into the Kellogg School of Management and since then I have been working in various cities around the world. Michael is very goal oriented, while at the same time very easy to work with.

Pere Valero

Founder and Co-owner of Datacom Global

Michael was referred to me and my business partner by a family member who highly recommended him. Michael has helped raise my confidence when speaking in both business and social situations in English, going as far as accompanying me to business meetings to meet with new clients. I have referred Michael in the past and will not hesitate to do so in the future.

Jordi Fabregat

Insolvency Manager / La Caixa

A colleague recommended reaching out to Michael to improve my communication skills in regards to presentations, negotiations and being more vocal in meetings. I am now better at creating meaningful  relationships and my confidence has grown significantly by working with him. Michael and I are close friends now and despite no longer working together we remain in constant contact.

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