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Hi, I’m Mike Thompson. As a communication strategist, MBA leadership lecturer, and writer, I help smart and thoughtful people to break through the noise to ensure their voice is heard and their words are read.

By following this space, you can expect actionable career, communication, and writing advice along with inspiring human experience stories read by millions of people a year. The topics may change, but the goal remains the same: to share the best of what I’ve got so you can make your words better count and your work stand out.

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Some people have told me it’s pretty good.

For someone who grew up with a debilitating stutter and social anxiety, I consider that a win.

Being simple, kind, and right is a hard thing to maintain. Michael lives, writes, and works all three. I straight-up love this guy.

Michael is by far and away one of the best writers, life advisors, and all-around coaches I've met during my thirty-year career. In addition to helping my writing improve to the point where I've gained literary representation, I’ve seen him countless times serve as a catalyst to help people reach their greatest potential.

As a career pro in recognizing great talent, it dawned on me when getting to know Michael I'd just stumbled upon someone uniquely gifted - a writer's writer - someone who sees the stories in others and has a gift for coaxing their stories into existence. He's helped my storytelling to take shape and his insistence upon simplicity and distilling the broad and complex reminds me of my Apple days.

Fred Dust

Author of "Making Conversation", former Global Managing Partner of IDEO
and design advisor for the Rockefeller Foundation

Kevin Ervin Kelley

Co-owner of Shook Kelley, and Former Marketing and Design Lecturer at Harvard University

Denise Young Smith

Former Head of HR at Apple and current executive-in-residence at Cornell Tech
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